2016/2017 Season Wrap Up!

What a season!

The winter of 2016-2017 came in strong and stayed with us hard and fast!  After a warm spring in 2016 it was amazing to see such a snowy, consistent winter at Chatter Creek. As usual, all cats through the winter were full of die-hard returning guests and first timers experiencing the amazing vibe of staying at Chatter Creek’s beautiful place in the world.

It’s all about the snow…December was DEEP this year…and there’s nothing better than scoring early season pow turns.

As always, the snow is the thing that put Chatter on the map and continues to do so.  We received dump after dump of snow into April this year (as I write this, there’s another storm in the forecast for tonight….it never ends!)

The snowfall in Golden and especially at Chatter started off strong, with 208cm of snowfall in December, which laid the groundwork for an incredible snowfall – 1100cm (that’s 11 metres of snow!). When all was said and done, our settled snowpack was a solid 265cm at the lodge and 375cm at treeline (measured at 2000m).

Freeride Media came out to Chatter, so we let them do our pillow lines as a welcome gift. Read about their adventure here.

Elyse Saugsted is a good reminder that you should jump off more stuff. Here she is filming for TGR at Chatter this year.

Besides our amazing guests, we had the privilege of also welcoming some of the ski industry’s finest skiers, film-makers and photographers to the lodge and Chatter’s terrain.  In March, we welcomed a film crew from TGR, including skiers Dash Long, Nick McNutt and Elyse Saugstad. Watch for the Chatter Creek segment in the upcoming TGR film this fall! See of the photos here. In April, we welcomed a crew from Dendrite Studios filming with Kye Peterson, Dane Tudor, Logan Pehota, and Matty Richard.  You can watch their Chatter Creek segment in the upcoming film, Numinous.

We were also so proud to be featured in both Ski Canada Magazine and Forecast Magazine (read it here)!  Finally, Chatter hosted Freeride Media, who took some amazing photos to showcase what our guests have known for years- that Chatter is the ultimate in backcountry fun.  Check out their video here.

However, above all, it’s the people that make Chatter what it is – the community of tenacious and committed staff and devoted and passionate guests of Chatter ensure that every year and every experience in the lodge, in the cat, in the mountains is one that leaves us all wondering “is it time to go back yet?”

Bookings can now be made for 2017-2018, with spots available in December, March and April.

See you when the snow flies!

Just think – just like you’ve jumped out of the cat, into the lodge, and into the bar, so did the TGR athletes…and when they show this scene in the movie this fall, you’ll know…oh – you’ll know.


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