Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking Deposit

To confirm your reservation a 25% non-refundable deposit is required within 2 weeks of booking. The due date will be shown on your confirmation & payment form.


For groups, we will accept both one payment (cheque or credit card) for each of the initial and final deposits, or multiple cheques and credit card payments for each deposit.

All credit card payments must include a signed authorization form for both the initial and final deposit with the dates that payments are due. If paying by cheque, please send a post-dated cheque to be sure payment is received on time.

Chatter Creek accepts cheques, money orders, Visa and Mastercard. We are unable to accept Amex.

All our rates are quoted in Canadian dollars and are inclusive of taxes.

Final Payment

For the 2020-2021 season, all final payments are due by October 5th, 2020.

The final 75% payment is due as follows:

  • December & January trips: September 30
  • Trips starting February 1 to March 13: October 31
  • Trips starting March 13 to end of the season: November 30

For bookings made after the above deadlines, full payment is due upon reservation.

By booking and paying for your trip you accept our terms and conditions, waiver and cancellation policies on our website. Please ensure you have read them in detail before you book.

Group Discounts

Group Organizer Rebates /Group Discounts are offered as an incentive to motivated group organizers who do most of the administration required for their group. To qualify for the rebate all the following criteria must be met:  

  1. All group members must have contacted the office with their information by the time the final payment is processed.  
  2. The rooming list must be provided with or prior to the final payment being processed. Group Organizer rebates are reviewed and adjusted annually.

CCML reserves the right to adjust Group Organizer rebates prior to the release of the following years prices.  

Cancellation Policy

Standard Booking & Cancellation Policy

By booking and paying for your trip you accept the terms and conditions, waiver and cancellation policies as set out on our website. Please ensure you have read these polices in detail before you book.

All payments received are not cash refundable.  When applicable, credits towards a future trip will be issued.

If a tour is cancelled due to weather, snow instability, or any other reason, CCML will issue a credit forward towards your tour in the following year equal to 100% of the value of payments received.  If a tour is partially cancelled for any reason, CCML will issue a prorated credit equal to the cancelled days forward toward the following year’s tour. For partially cancelled tours the heli-transport costs are not refundable.  Guests will be responsible for payment related to price increases in the following year and these amounts must be paid in full at the final payment due date.

Download the full Standard Cancellation Policy

Standard Cancellation Policy Exemptions

For early season tours commencing on or before December 12th, a full cash refund will be issued if the tour is cancelled due to early season conditions. For all other tours commencing from December 13th to the end of the operating season, the standard booking and cancelation policy applies.

Cancellation Policy: COVID-19 2020/2021 Season Amendments

COVID 19: 2020-21 Season Amendments

Our standard Booking Terms and Conditions still apply to future seasons, however in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCML has been working hard to make some modifications to both our booking and operational policies for the upcoming season.  Key changes are set out below.

Cancellation following final payment

  • Normal Course Cancellations

If you can not make your trip for any reason following final payment, as always, our CCML reservations team will work with you to resell your tour seat.  If your tour seat is resold, you will receive compensation in the amount of the resale price as per the standard Booking Terms and Conditions.

  • COVID-19 Illness & Exposure Related Cancellations

In the event a guest cannot attend their tour due to COVID-19 related exposure, illness, or symptoms, CCML will work with the guest to resell their seat in accordance with our standard Booking Terms and Conditions.  If you are exposed to someone with a confirmed case of Coivd-19 leading up to your tour start date, or should you become ill or begin to experience symptoms leading up to your tour start date, we are asking that you do not attend your tour. Should either of these situations occur, CCML will share equally in the risk of COVID-19 related illness with our guests by providing 50% credit forward towards their following year’s tour.  

Should you arrive at the heliport with COVID-19 like symptoms including fever, dry cough, and muscle stiffness, you will be required to forgo attending your tour. CCML will then issue you a 50% credit forward towards your seat in the following year’s tour.

Should CCML initiate the partial or full cancellation of a tour due to an unanticipated need to shut down operations either before or during the 2020-21 operating season, guests will be issued a credit forward for their canceled tour dates that will be credited towards their 2021-22 tour seat.  All guests who receive a credit rolled forward will maintain their 2020-21 tour pricing in the 2021-2022 season. 

Should a guest become sick with COVID-19 symptoms while attending a tour, that guest will be evacuated from the lodge. Guests who leave the lodge under these circumstances will not be eligible for credit for missed ski days. CCML reserves the right to request that a guest leave the lodge at any time during their tour if CCML believes they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. CCML guests will be required to pay an additional $5 per day emergency evacuation surcharge on their 2020-21 tour to provide emergency transport insurance that will cover the cost of helicopter evacuation for any guest experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.   

By remitting your final payment for your 2020-21 tour booking you are agreeing to the Booking Terms and Conditions as they are revised herein.  

Please note that the Booking Terms and Conditions remain applicable, subject only to the revisions described herein.   We expect that, should COVID-19 be resolved, the 2021-2022 season will operate under the standard Booking Terms and Conditions.  

Download a PDF of the 20/21 COVID-Specific Cancelation Policy

Resale of Your Trip Seat

Resale of Your Trip Seat

In the event that following the confirmation of your booking, you are unable to attend your tour for any reason, CCML will work with you to resell your trip seat in the following manner:

    1. A $250 administration fee applies to all resale of seats where the payment transaction is processed by CCML.
    2. If CCML is requested by the guest to find a replacement for their trip seat, payment will be refunded to the guest once the seat has been filled and payment has been received. Refunds will be issued by cheque and may take 4 to 6 weeks to process, if processed during the operating season.
    3. CCML will discuss a resale price of your seat with you prior to advertising it. The recommended resale price may be less than face value, depending on how close the resale is to the trip start date.
    4. You may resell your seat privately to another skier, aged 19 years of age or older, but only with our knowledge and consent. In order for CCML to not charge a resale administrative fee, you must collect monies directly from the replacement guest.
    5. In the unlikely event that the seat cannot be filled either by CCML or the cancelling guest, then all payments received by CCML are non-refundable.

Guests who booked prior to April 6 and have not signed the updated booking terms should reference the following:

Download –Book & Cancellation Policy – (ARCHIVED: April 5, 2020)

Down Days & Weather Delays

Chatter Creek has a spare snowcat available to minimize the likelihood that any ski time would be lost due to equipment issues. It is very unlikely that you would lose a ski day as a result of our inability to repair our equipment.

Unfavourable weather anomalies beyond the control of Chatter Creek can cause down days, and although very rare in the cat skiing sector, it is possible and has happened. Chatter Creek does not provide replacement ski days for down days lost due to weather-related problems (e.g. extreme avalanche conditions, unusual torrential rain, etc.)

There is no extra charge for guests delayed at the lodge due to weather. When booking your flights home, we suggest that you allow sufficient time in case there is a delay returning from the lodge or possible highway closures. Flights home are best booked for the following day. Winter travel can be unpredictable and the storm cycles that make travel difficult usually produce the best powder skiing.

In the event that the helicopter cannot fly to the lodge due to poor weather, Chatter Creek assumes no responsibility for costs incurred (on the Golden end) by guests having to find alternate accommodation and meals but will assist with finding suitable accommodation.

Chatter Creek is not responsible for mechanical issues or weather which results in the helicopter not being available for transporting guests to/from the lodge. Additional costs incurred by the guest in the event the helicopter is unable to fly are the responsibility of the guest.

Cancellation and Other Insurance

Chatter Creek strongly recommends that you consider purchasing trip insurance which covers you for cancellation, delay or injury. You will not receive a refund from Chatter Creek if you do not take your trip or your trip is curtailed by an incident happening either before your arrival or during your ski holiday.

You should also ensure that you have adequate medical and evacuation insurance to cover you in the event of injury.

If you would like to book your insurance please do so by contacting Wanetta at or at 1-866-667-0811.

Personal Property Insurance

If you are concerned about the safety of your equipment and personal belongings, please ensure that they are covered by your household insurance policy before you leave home. Equipment lost in a fall or in an avalanche is the responsibility of the guest. Attempts will be made to recover the lost articles at the time or in the summer, but the terrain is vast, inaccessible and rugged in the summer and this makes recovery tough. Chatter Creek reserves the right to charge the skier for lost rental skis, depending on the circumstances.

Heli Evacuation Coverage

*For the 2020-2021 season there is a mandatory COVID-19 evacuation fee of an additional $5 per day.*

Given the remoteness of the Chatter Creek Lodge, the cost of a BC Air Ambulance flight can run anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 CAD. We have instituted a heli-evacuation program, offered at a nominal fee of $5 per ski day. This is a great way to protect yourself from these costs, allowing you to focus on recovery from your accident, or injury.

To make it nice and simple, the cost of this program is already included in your booking.

If you are injured and the first aid attendant at the scene determines that a helicopter evacuation is required, you will be flown out, and there will be no bill, or invoice.

Although the need for heli-evacuation is uncommon, Air Ambulance is not always covered by your medical insurance. It is NOT covered by Canadian Medical Insurance Plans.

Please e-mail and let us know if you would like to opt out of the program.

* For residents not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan.