Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be reached at the lodge in an emergency?

Yes, we have internet access and both an internet and satellite phone. In the case of emergency, please call 1 877 311 7199.

Why such rigid baggage restrictions?

We fly to the lodge and packing space is limited on the helicopter. We ask you to bring small, soft-sided bags that weigh less than 25 pounds.

Can I bring my laptop and use it at the lodge?

We would prefer that you leave your computer at home. There are three work stations with internet access available to guests at the lodge. Most of all we want you to forget the outside world and enjoy the Chatter Creek experience.

Do snowboard bindings have to be removed for the helicopter flights?


What happens if I miss the helicopter flight?

We fly in daylight and are limited with flight times. We can arrange a ground transfer to the lodge for an additional charge of $400. We can arrange a helicopter transfer the next day at a cost of about $1800 for a one-way trip. We recommend that you leave lots of time for travel, or come to Golden the day before to avoid such an occurrence.

If I would like to leave a tip, what is the best way to do it?

If you wish to leave a tip, please do so when settling your bill at the end of your stay. At Chatter Creek, we believe that all of our employees work hard to ensure you have a wonderful time at the lodge and while skiing our terrain. Tips are collected and divided equally among the employees working at the time of your stay.