Chatter Creek CatSkiing

Chatter Creek is one of the largest, snowiest and most spectacular snowcat skiing destinations in western Canada. Situated deep in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Chatter Creek is also one of the few operators to combine cat skiing with heliskiing.

The cat skiing terrain at Chatter Creek is a gigantic domain covering 58,000 acres or 238 square kilometres providing incredible variety, with well over 100 named descents and runs of up to 4,000 vertical feet. Our varied terrain includes a mix of tree skiing, vast alpine bowls and spectacular glaciers. The views of the Rockies to the east, including views of the Columbia and Clemenceau icefields, are unparalleled.

This amazing place, Chatter Creek, is only 3 hours and a gorgeous helicopter flight away from Canada’s fourth largest city, Calgary, Alberta.

Chatter Creek’s Canadian Rockies’ location enjoys a unique air mass which produces some of the lightest, driest powder snow in the world. We receive numerous major storms crossing the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains to the west, which grant us reliable snow from early December to late April.

At any one time, this vast area is shared by no more than 36 skiers or boarders, plus their 6 guides.

There are many places to cat ski, but there is only one Chatter Creek!

Tour Date

Tour Price

Mar 14-17 ( 3 day ) $3,516.04
Mar 17-21 ( 4 day ) $4,555.05
Mar 21-24 ( 3 day ) $3,516.04
Mar 24-28 ( 4 day ) $3,714.00
Mar 28-31 ( 3 day ) $2,885.25
Mar 31-02 ( 2 day ) $2,056.50
Apr 02-04 ( 2 day ) $1,692.33
Apr 04-06 ( 2 day ) $1,692.33

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