Chatter Creek Conditions Update

Chatter Creek Conditions Update
March 5th 2015

Recent Conditions
A ridge of high pressure has been dominating the region for several weeks and we’ve been skiing high-elevation alpine terrain with very good snow stability throughout the Chatter tenure. We haven’t been skiing very far below treeline since mid-February, as unseasonably warm temperatures wreaked havoc on the snow at these elevations across British Columbia. Since then temperatures have generally been cool and dry and we’ve been fortunate to ski most of our high-elevation alpine runs.
The good weather and snow stability has been favorable for our road building program, and on Monday we opened the Vertebrae Glacier to skiing for the first time in two years.

Photo: Lyndsay Donovan

Exploring fresh lines in the Fishbowl.


Current Conditions
Earlier this week strong north-westerly’s at ridge top caused extensive wind effect making for tricky skiing in exposed areas, however the groups were finding good skiing in soft snow in protected areas. Overall the skiing has been variable with soft snow on shady aspects, sun crust on solar aspects and tracks throughout our operating area.
The ridge is weakening slightly and a warm front is now moving through the area. It’s snowing, overcast and -7 Celsius at the lodge this morning, and the forecast is for 15 – 20 cm of snow above 1200 m between now and Sunday.

Photo: Lyndsay Donovan

Marie, Our pro sun holder.



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