Chatter Creek Featured in Ski Canada

For the past 48 years, Ski Canada Magazine has been ubiquitous in the households of Canadian skiers. Those who signed up for a membership with Alpine Canada once, bought something at Sporting Life or visited a gas station in route to Banff are used to seeing the bright glossy pages of Ski Canada in their mailboxes, shopping bags and trucks and know the magazine to be the embodiment of the ultimate winter passion.

With an unmistakable discernment for Canadian Ski Resorts, culture and personalities, Ski Canada is the magazines that Canadian skiers see themselves in. They see their past trip destinations, their future adventures and the people in their communities in the pages.  This is why it was so cool for Chatter Creek to receive a multi-page feature in the Winter Issue of Ski Canada.

Chatter’s guests come from all over the world. Like Ski Canada, there’s strong representation from our friends to the South, but also visitors from Great Britain, Germany, Australia and others.  Ski Canada’s destination highlights are the same – mostly Canadian, but peppered with trips to the States, Asia and Europe. 

At Chatter, we’re perfectly Canadian – we know we’ve got a world-class product, but we rely on others to shout it from the rooftops for us. A trip from Ski Canada Editor in Chief Iain MacMillan was the perfect opportunity to show off our brand-new Guided Ski Touring product.  In 2018, we introduced a program that would allow us to take out groups of six ski tourers in one of our cats. They’d be accompanied by two guides and would be dropped off in some of our primo terrain and be picked up with they’d had their fill.

Want to read more about the program in the multi-page feature from Ski Canada?  Access it here.


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