Chatter Creek Partners with Movember and Search and Rescue

Chatter Creek is so proud and honoured to support great people and great organizations doing incredible things for our communities. Every year, we’re able to set aside a few trips for non-profit groups to use as prizing in their fundraising. For our 20th Anniversary Season, Chatter Creek donated two Guided Ski Touring Trips to the Movember Foundation and Golden and District Search and Rescue.

The Movember Foundation is a leader fundraiser for men’s health. The fundraising culminates in the month of November, where groups of men (and women) work to raise money for the foundation through varies methods, including growing moustaches.  The Foundation uses these donations to support men’s health projects around the world, typically in relation to prostate cancer.

Chatter Creek worked with Movember Banff by donating a trip for two to Chatter to be auctioned off at the peak of their month-long fundraiser at High Rollers, Banff. Their team brought in over $8800 in donations through the event.

For the third year in a row, Chatter donated a trip for two to Golden and District Search and Rescue, which was raffled off in December of 2019. Tickets were sold in Golden in the weeks leading up to the Staying Alive Safety Conference, an evening of avalanche and backcountry safety that attracts over 300 people every year.

“The Chatter Creek fundraiser is huge for us,” says a representative of GADSAR.  Everyone who buys a ticket is a local of Golden or someone who skis here regularly. They know our faces and they appreciate supporting a local cause. For most of the people buying tickets, Chatter is the ultimate dream for them living in Golden, so it’s always really exciting to draw a local’s name and send them to Chatter Creek.”

Chatter works hard to support organizations that have some affiliation with the organization and that take place near Golden. Supporting non-profits that support Golden and that support the surrounding areas and their communities is what makes this place great!  Thanks to everyone who’s supported a Chatter Creek prize fundraiser in the past!



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