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Chatter Creek Guest Information Form

All new guests who are booked for a cat skiing or snowmobiling trip to Chatter Creek must complete the Chatter Creek Guest Information Form. The information submitted on this form is confidential and is not shared with anyone.:

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    Massage Booking Form

    *Due to COVID-19, massage service are unavailable for the 2020-2021 season*

    Rentals Form

    Snowboard and Avalanche Airbag Pack rentals are available at the low price of $30 per day. Reservations can be made onsite or ahead of time using the form below:

      Personal and Tour Information (mandatory fields)

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      Avalanche Airbag (20 available on site)

      I wish to rent an avalanche airbag for my tour at a cost of $30 (plus taxes) per day

      Pack Rental:

      Snowboard (10 available on site)

      I wish to rent a snowboard at a cost of $30 (plus taxes) per day.

      Snowboard Rental:

      Waiver (mandatory)

      All backpack and snowboard reservations require you have read and agree to our WAIVER (click to view).
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      Credit Card Authorization Form PDF Download

      In order for us to process your credit card, please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form.