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Grab a copy of Forecast Ski Magazine Photo Annual and enjoy the most recent story on Chatter Creek. It’s an entertaining fun article that includes this photo and other great shots taken by Bruno Long Photography late last March. Thanks to Chris Rubens, Jeff Schmuck, Colston Vb, Tj Shiller and Bruno Long for making the trip!

Bruno Long Photography ·

I had seen photos and heard rumors about the beautiful landscape in the @chattercreek tenure. But until I witnessed the beauty of Vertebrae Ridge with my own eyes, I’m not sure any photo or story would do it justice. But with @chrisrubens laying down a fat spray in front of the moody ridge and the Continental Divide in the backdrop, I hope that we did it enough justice for your enjoyment. Check out this photo, the closing spread of @forecastski #photoannual, along with a story about our trip to this amazing cat ski operation last spring. Thanks again Chatter Creek, I can’t wait till the next time our paths cross!










Jeff Schmuck Editor Forecast Ski Magazine

I can confidently state that the terrain at Chatter was the biggest, craziest and most impressive that I’ve ever seen and skied at a cat-skiing operation (it felt like we were heli-skiing!). The lodge was beyond fantastic. Big and comfortable with lots of amenities but still felt like staying in a cozy log cabin in the woods. And while the terrain and lodge (and the food!) definitely stood out, the thing I was most impressed with was the staff, as they were all incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable, friendly and hospitable, and made us feel like we were part of the family. So hats off to all of them, as they made the trip that much sweeter and helped provide one of, if not the best cat-skiing experience I’ve ever had.


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