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While a majority of BC and the Pacific Northwest is in the middle of a snow drought, we found the goods and plenty of it at Chatter Creek Catskiing just North of Golden, BC.

IMG 8379 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Bluebird and a Vapor Trail. Skier: Tommy Frey. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

The terrain in their tenure is mind blowing with plenty of steeps, pillows, and some iconic wide open area in the Oyster Bowl. With warm temps in the town of Golden, the conditions at Chatter were holding up quite well, and with Bluebird skies, we timed this trip along the Powder Highway perfectly!

IMG 0066 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Bob Legasa getting a little cold smoke in Chatter Creek’s Oyster Bowl. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

IMG 8788 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Desiree’ Leipham popping pillow lines. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

Day 1-Chatter Creek Lead Guide, Josh Milligan, had us popping pillow lines and working an area where the snow was holding up superb. We sessioned the pillows for three mind blowing runs.

IMG 8726 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Johhny Witt doing his version of pillow talk. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

IMG 8585 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Tim Sorenson put down the video camera to get in on the fun. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

Our group consisted of Tommy Frey, Desiree’ Leipham, John Witt, Bob Legasa, Tim Sorenson and Brad Albert who dumped his surfboard for a snowboard after flying in from his home in Hawaii.

IMG 9791 650x365 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Brad Albert charging the Steeps at Chatter. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

Day 2- We were treated to some wide open pow slaying in the Oyster Bowl and then we got a special treat dropping into the Black Pearl, a chute that hadn’t been skied in several years. With stability solid, our guide, Brodie, cut out a small entrance through the overhanging cornice so we could access the Black Pearl. The top of the slope starts off in the 45-50 degree pitch for a few hundred yards and then mellows out to 35-40 degrees for the the remaining 1200 vert. The snow was perfect for this long, steep ride through the Black Pearl.

Screen Shot 2015 03 13 at 6.18.42 AM 650x367 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Brad Albert dropping into the Black Pearl. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

Screen Shot 2015 03 13 at 6.20.39 AM 650x367 Photos: Cat Skiing in Chatter Creek, BC

Finding the steeps in this Hidden Gem- The Black Pearl. Photo: Freeride Chronicles

What a trip! We were fortunate enough to experience soft snow, blue skies, a fun crew and mind blowing scenery. Wow, is an understatement. Chatter Creek is going off!

This video is from our first few runs on our first day trying out the slow motion feature on the video camera:

Freeride Chronicles 
A former member of the United States Freestyle ski team, Bob Legasa combined his passion for skiing, outdoors and storytelling and created Freeride Media. Bob has won numerous Society of Photo Journalism Awards and a highly coveted Emmy Award. With over 25 years as a professional Freestyle skier Bob has taken his knowledge of the sport into a variety of different fields including, Television, journalism, coaching, and event management. Bob’s passion for skiing can be seen on The Freeride Chronicles
Together with his wife Jane of 21 years Bob has two beautiful girls Alli and Hannah. The entire family loves to ski and they can be found most every winter weekend skiing at Schweitzer Mountain.


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