Join Us Next Christmas

We are now offering the opportunity for you to book Christmas 2016!

This includes the opportunity to bring along family members who are non-skiers for a reduced rate. (Please contact our office for more information)

Whether you are a single skier, a shredding couple or a large family of riders, Christmas is an enchanting time at Chatter Creek.

Picture yourself surrounded by mountains as the helicopter flies away. The front door of the lodge opens wide and out spills the warmth and welcome of a Chatter Christmas.

Far from the hurry of the city, Vertebrae and Solitude lodges are nestled in a tranquil world of deep, fresh, untracked powder, and are the ultimate setting to unwind and enjoy having someone else take care of you and your family.

For those of you with families, or those looking for one, visit our availability page or call us for more information.




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