Mountain Frequently Asked Questions

How much terrain does Chatter Creek offer?

Chatter Creek has a tenure with 238 square km’s of terrain with about 75% being skiable.

What is your ratio of alpine skiing to tree skiing?

About 60% of our skiable terrain is alpine and glacier and the remaining 40% is tree skiing.

What time do we get back to Donald after the trip?

About 2.5 hours after finishing skiing. We leave the lodge between 3 to 5pm depending on the time of the year. Guests can expect to be driving away from Donald no later than 6:30 pm.

What is December skiing like?

Normally, great! We have tracked snow levels and that is why in 2006, we started confidently opening 2 weeks earlier. Although December can be colder, you can be skiing in dry, bottomless powder, which keeps winter chills away!

Why are the December rates cheaper?

The primary reason our December rates are cheaper is due to the shorter daylight hours. Typically in Canada, people tend to ski after Christmas holidays, so rates are more attractive to entice skiers to come! This early season skiing parallels mid-season skiing. The reduced price does not mean skiing is poor!

What is skiing like in April?

Sometimes the skiing in April is the best of the winter. We have plenty of north facing skiing in the alpine and the trees. It seems to snow and storm heavily or have long bluebird days. It’s the favorite time of many returning guests.