New Roof at Chatter Creek Creek for 2018

In 2018, Chatter Creek saw one of our biggest renovations on record since initial construction in 2002 – a new roof over the entire Vertebrae-Solitude Lodges structure. This half-million dollar project was completed over the entire summer, with the project being lead by Zimmerman Construction and supported by Chatter Creek staff.

Summer 2018 Summer construction – the team braved 30-degree heat putting up hot tin sheets.

It was a gigantic undertaking! With each lodge encompassing over 9000 square feet plus the massive entryway, it was no small feat to get this project completed, especially with the short weather window and hot summer temperatures. Even starting the project proved challenging with huge amounts of rain into mid-July stalling the project.

The magnitude of the project, combined with the weather challenges meant that the breezeway and entrance roof will be completed in Summer, 2019.

A little bit of history – the Vertebrae Lodge and Solitude Lodges were constructed 2002 and 2004, respectively. In 2005 a large peaked roof was constructed over the entrance, which protected guests from the huge amounts of snow shedding off either lodge. At the time, one of the two hot tubs was located under the awning.

Original Construction – 2002. Along way from a roof!

The 2005 construction of the roof between the Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges.

The Vertabrae Lodge (with original roof) was built in 2002.

2005 Construction

The construction of Solitude Lodge – 2004.


After 16+ years of service, these rooves have come to the end of their service.  We’re excited to welcome guests to our upgraded facility – warmer and cozier than ever!

Summer 2018 Construction – looking beautiful!


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