Chatter-Based Numinous Ski Film Wins Big


Chances are, if you’ve skied at Chatter Creek, you’ve had your best line ever there. That’s something you have in common with professional skier and co-star of 2017’s ski movie of the year, Logan Pehota.

Numinous Ski Film at Chatter Creek

Skiers Logan Pehota, Dane Tudor and Kye Peterson scoping lines. Photo: N. Teichrob

Last April, Chatter Creek welcomed a small group of skiers and filmers to the lodge, who were in the process of filming what would be come the most awarded ski flick of the year. Kye Petersen, Logan Pehota, Matty Richard and Dane Tudor, along with Athan Merrick, Jamie Tanner and Nicolas Teichrob flew into Chatter Creek with high expectations. As per usual, the terrain delivered.

The movie Numinous had been in production for a full season already. It was Kye Peterson’s baby – a film that would star him, along with a cohort of other incredible skiers, filmed on locations exclusively in BC. Along with the Chatter Creek skiers, it would also feature Pep Fujas, Ryland Bell, Tatum Monod, Chris Rubens, Callum Pettit and Wiley Miller. The combination of the talented group of skiers and incredible cinematography did not disappoint audiences.

Among many accolades, Numinous was awarded “Line of the Year” to Logan Pehota. Chatter Creek provided the terrain for this phenomenal line (which you can watch here). In an interview with Pique News, Pehota says “It looked like a really cool line. I was like ‘I’ll just ski down the rocks at a decent angle. I think it will be fine.” Added Peterson, “We posted up at the base of this pretty rad spine wall at Chatter Creek just outside of Golden. We had the zone all planned out, we knew we were going there. There were a few really rowdy lines, but the one that had a bunch of rock exposed on it, it was basically a big, perfect spine that ended in rock. Of course, (Pehota) was ready to step up to it. He’s a bit younger than the rest of us and he just came off the Freeride World Tour. A big, bold line like that suited him well and we were pretty stoked to see him ski it.”

Numinous Ski Film at Chatter Creek

Logan Pehota’s Line of the Year at Chatter Creek.

FYI, this line is not typically skied by Chatter Creek’s guests 😉

With a runtime of just 50 minutes, Numinous is a breath of fresh air in a world of long run-time feature films. Says Ski Photography Legend Blake Jorgenson of the film, “Numinous is clearly representative of the cutting edge of skiing in both talent and style on both sides of the camera and strips away the unwanted fat that other ski films fall victim of and have created something truly simple and inspiring. If you consider yourself a skier, Numinous will connect to you at the very core.”
You can watch Numinous on Vimeo here!

Numinous Awards:

  • Best Cinematography – IF3
  • Skier of the Year 2017 (Kye Peterson) – Freeskier
  • Movie of the Year – Powder Awards
  • Best Post Production – Powder Awards
  • Full Throttle (Kye Peterson) – Powder Awards
  • Best Line (Logan Pehota) – Powder Awards
  • Standout Big Mountain Film – IF3
  • Official Selection – Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival
  • Best Male Freeride Segment – IF3


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