Baggage Allowance

Chatter Creek flies guests to and from the lodge by helicopter. Alpine Helicopters, our flight service provider has strict weight guidelines that we must adhere to.  Please note that if you’ve flown with us in the past, you may find the limits to be stricter this year than in years’ past.

The baggage weight limit is 25 lbs per passenger (this does not include ski boots).

Only soft sided bags will be accepted.

We cannot accept giant duffle bags and hard-sided luggage. If you arrive with this type of luggage, we will ask you to repack.

We weigh bags and may have to ask that you repack to meet weight limits.

Please do not bring ski poles, we provide them at no charge.

Top Weight-Saving Tips! Please do NOT bring the following:

  • Narrow skis that are not suitable for powder skiing.
  • Ski poles (Chatter provides ski poles at no charge).
  • Blow dryers (Chatter provides)
  • Alcoholic beverages (we offer a wide selection of wine, spirits, and beer).
  • Large hard-sided suitcases.
  • Hand and toe warmers (available at the lodge)
  • Day Packs with transceiver, probe, and shovel (Chatter provides)
  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash (Chatter provides)
  • Towels (Chatter provides both shower and hot tub towels)