What Time To Arrive

*For the 2020-2021 season you will be assigned a specific arrival time for your designated flight. You will receive this information by email before your trip.*

Please arrive at the heliport in Donald at the following times depending upon the date your trip departs:

December: 2:00

January: 2:30

February: 3:00p.m.

March and April: 3:00p.m.

Please note that Donald is located in the Mountain Time Zone. (Same time zone as Calgary)

The first guests to sign in are the first guests to fly in. The same flight order will be used when you depart the lodge.

Please arrive on time, as late arrivals cause flight scheduling problems for all guests. If you are late, your flight may have to leave without you. Ground transportation may be available to take you to the lodge but this is not guaranteed. Operational constraints may mean that it is not possible to take you to the lodge by ground on the day you arrive, in which case you will be responsible for your accommodation costs until we are able to transport you.

In the event that ground transportation can be provided, late arriving guests will be charged an additional $350.

Flight times are important and rigid. The helicopters must be back on the ground in Donald thirty minutes before dark to comply with Transport Canada daylight flying regulations.