Face Shots, Deep Turns And Blue Sky!

If you would like a taste of what spring skiing at Chatter Creek is like; try one of our 2-day trips.

“Numinous” Crew Films at Chatter Creek

Last week everyone at Chatter Creek was stoked when a crew of talented athletes, cameramen, photographers and media specialists came to work on an exciting new project.

Deep turns, face shots and pockets of blue sky!

Snow conditions are excellent with over 30 cm of new snow in the last few days and the top 20 cm of which has been COLD SMOKE.

Days of My Youth

Richard Permin spins a 3 at Chatter Creek while filming for Matchstick Productions’ ‘Days Of My Youth’

When You Love Powder

“When you love powder, your will to harvest as much as you can takes over reason. You charge down the hill giggling from the amazing feeling of floating at speed through this unique texture wrapping around your body like a blanket, a hug from nature’s fluffy white stuff, you reach happiness” Alain Sleigher

Chatter Creek’s First Big Bails Awards 2012

Watch and see who made the cut!