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After years of filming with MSP, ski film guru Guillaume Tessier knew just where to take his new TGR project to ensure he got the best possible outcome. He packed up with action sports photographer Grant Gunderson, pro athletes Dash Long, Nick McNutt and Elyse Saugstad and a half-million dollar camera and flew into Chatter Creek.

Eight days of filming this March commenced with a rainy flight out of the heli-pad just outside Donald BC, but like any veteran of the mountains, Tessier knew that rain below means snow up high. Chatter delivered. “It was absolutely all-time,” said Tessier. After a day of one of Chatter’s biggest snowfall that year, the conditions for shooting were perfect.  “The sun came out and we absolutely crushed it.  It was unbelievable.”

TGR has been producing some of the industry’s favourite ski flicks since 1996 and their 2017 release will feature Long, McNutt and Saugstad in a segment at Chatter Creek.



The TGR trailer for this film is now up for your viewing pleasure! Check out the trailer for Rogue Elements here:



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