Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and excited for the opportunity to give our guests both old and new an improved user experience.

The focus of our work these past months has been to provide an easy to navigate website with an integrated blog to keep you updated with current and relevant news.

The web design was partially inspired around the home page photo. We loved it so much that we designed the website around it!

The photo is a showcase of our operation with its beautiful vista and unclaimed powder in the background. It was taken by photographer Eric Berger of skier Sean Pettit in March 2011 while filming the Matchstick Productions film Superheroes of Stoke.

Since then, MSP has produced another movie called Days of My Youth, which will be available on iTunes starting today. Both these movies have great segments filmed at Chatter Creek.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the website and that you’ll keep visiting our blog to find out what’s going on at Chatter Creek.

We would like to thank our favorite photographers for supplying us with many stunning photos and our Golden local webmaster for his professional services.

Feel free to leave your comments. We would like to hear what you think of the site.


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